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Do you feel like you’re “Waitin’ Up” for the others to catch up with you, too, this morning?

I always love to think about the conversations that are going on between those cowboys.

“Waitin’ Up” by Wayne Baize is a limited edition print, 15″H X 29″W, and I have one Artist Proof available. Send me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com, or give me a call at 575-649-0636, if you’re interested.

Wayne Baize, "Young 'uns Set, Explorin'"It’s foalin’ time, and “Explorin'” time! This was part of the “Young ‘uns” set by Wayne Baize, but can be purchased separately. It’s a limited edition print, 13″H X 17″W, with a price tag of only $50, which is a very low price for one of the older prints by Wayne. It would be pretty for a young girl’s room, wouldn’t it?   ‪#‎lovewesternart‬    #‎HappyMonday‬

Wayne Baize, "Refreshing Morning"Happy Monday, everyone! I’m getting ready to head to Amarillo soon for the World Championship Ranch Rodeo, and I’m so excited to see everyone at the trade show. Stop by to see this print, “Refreshing Morning” by Wayne Baize, one of his older prints that never goes out of style! It’s a limited edition print, 19.75″H X 15.75″W, and has been sold out for quite some time; I have this one, unframed print available. Wouldn’t it make an awesome gift for someone, especially if they liked those well-known horses with the triangle brand on their jaw?   #lovewesternart    #loverefreshingmorning

Wayne Baize, "At Your Service"Woooh! Made it home from the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Convention! Long drive, and just a tad hot and humid in Oklahoma City, but thanks for an awesome time. It’s always great to see so many friends, and so many returning customers anxious to look through the booth! Remember, if you’re still trying to make up your mind about a certain piece of art, I’m always “At Your Service” and will be glad to ship.

“At Your Service” by Wayne Baize is a limited edition giclee canvas, 20″H X 16″W, with a price of $385.  I can easily ship it to you unstretched, in a tube, or I can have it stretched, framed, and shipped for a very reasonable price.  Send me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com or call me at 575-649-0636 if you’re interested.

Wayne Baize, "A Time to Rest"“A Time to Rest.” And just when does that time come?? It was a very long drive home from Abilene yesterday, making it in well past my bedtime, but plenty to do today to wrap things up from Western Heritage Classic. And several prints to ship out tomorrow. Hoping for rest on Sunday!

It was great to see so many returning customers at Western Heritage Classic; thank you for your continued business!

This is a limited edition print by Wayne Baize, 20″H X 15″W, with a price tag of $100.

Wayne Baize, "The Two Strays"It looks like a beautiful day to be out prowling around some pastures, looking for strays, similar to this picture. I love the balance of this piece, with the Herefords in front, the red-shirted cowboy on the gray horse up above, flanked by the shrubs and rock, with that pretty patch of blue sky and clouds. This limited edition print by Wayne Baize measures 18″H X 14.5″W, and has a price tag of $100.

Have a great day!

Wayne Baize, "Country Girl"OK, here’s another one for all those fans of Wayne Baize and Hereford cattle. And you can sure tell this is a “Country Girl,” because she’s not a bit scared of that cow right in front of her. Does this remind you of anyone?

“Country Girl” by Wayne Baize is one of his older limited edition prints. The size is 9″H X 12″W. The edition is sold out, but I’ve gone one available, at $100.

Wayne Baize, "A Royal Breed"I know there are a lot of fans of Wayne Baize out there, especially regarding his Hereford artwork. Sure a cute baby, isn’t it? This is one of his older, sold-out pieces, “A Royal Breed,” a limited edition print that measures 16.5″H X 21″W.  If you’re interested, send me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com, or give me a call at 575-649-0636.

Wayne Baize, "Best of Friends"This has always been one of my favorites, and it’s found a soft spot with several customers as well. How many of you have been lucky enough to have such a solid, dependable, sweet horse as a best friend? There’s no better therapy to help you out on a bad day, to help turns things around and make it all better, than spending a little time with your best friend.

“Best of Friends” by Wayne Baize is a limited edition print, 15.5″H X 20″W, with a price of $100.

Wayne Baize, "Along the Trail"Here is the other print in the set that goes with “The Cowboy’s Dream, Good Horses and Good Grass.” “Along the Trail” also measures 17.25″H X 13″W, and is priced at $100 by itself, or you can get the set of two prints for $140. There could be a lot of cowboy’s dreams wrapped up with all those good horses along the trail, couldn’t there?

Best wishes for you in the new year, and may all your dreams come true!

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