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John Fawcett, "Free For All"Good lookin’ bunch of ponies, huh? Suppose they’re headed in for grain? “Free for All” by John Fawcett is an open edition print, and measures 8″H X 22″W. I like these dimensions, and think it would look cool above a set of hooks out on the porch, where you hang your coats or hats, or maybe above some nice bridles on display. What do you think? The print on paper is priced at only $30, and the canvas is $140. I’d vote for the canvas, so then all you have to do is add a frame, no mats or glass.


John Fawcett, "Hits & Misses"Here’s another framed canvas that I’ll have at the booth at the World Championship Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo, November 6-9. “Hits & Misses” by John Fawcett is an Artist Proof, 18″H X 24″W, with a price of $270, plus the frame. This black frame with the rope border really works nicely with this print.   #lovewesternart

John Fawcett, John, "A Good Team"Love it when I get to pick up some newly framed canvases! Here’s “A Good Team” by John Fawcett, an Artist Proof that measures 16″H X 20″W, plus the frame. The canvas transfer is priced at $230, and this beautiful frame is priced very reasonably. Give me a call or email me at vickie@reatagallery.com if you’re interested. This would be easy to ship, too. If you’d like to pick out your own frame, I can send you just the canvas.

John Fawcett, "AntiLock Brakes"For the ropers out there – how do you like these brakes?

“Anti-Lock Brakes” by John Fawcett is an open edition print, 12″H X 16″W, with a price tag of only $25. It’s also available on canvas, which would look fantastic, and would only need a frame, no mats or glass.

John Fawcett, "Hits & Misses"Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t! Here’s hoping that it works most of the time for ya, and that you come up with two heels!

“Hits & Misses” by John Fawcett is a limited edition print, 18″H X 24″W, with a price tag of $188. The ones that I have are all Artist Proofs. It’s also available on canvas for $270, and will be less expensive to frame.

John Fawcett, "A Good Team"“A Good Team” by John Fawcett is headed to the live auction for the Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation; the auction takes place tomorrow, Saturday, at 10 am, if anyone wants to participate. This is an Artists Proof, 16″H X 20″W, and I have more available, for $150, if you aren’t able to bid on this one.

John Fawcett, "Someone to Lean On"It’s always great havin’ a good dog by your side, isn’t it? But who leans on who?? How many times have you leaned on one of your dogs for a little cheerin’ up? And they always deliver!

“Someone to Lean On” by John Fawcett is a limited edition print that measures 21.5″H X 15″W. Looks like the edition is sold out, but I have one available; if you’re interested, give me a call or send me an email. Have a great evening.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face this morning! Who doesn’t love a good dog close beside them? Especially a happy dog, just happy to be hanging out with you!

This is an open edition, canvas transfer by John Fawcett; image size is 12.25″H X 8.5″W. The canvas transfers are very durable, and look very similar to an original. I think this frame works well with it, and the total price with frame is only $125.

How many of you are ropers? Do you have plans for a big roping this weekend? Sure takes awhile to put together a good team and to really get with a new horse, doesn’t it? But when it’s working, I know you’re having a blast!

Here is “A Good Team” by John Fawcett. This is an Artist’s Proof that measures 16″H X 20″W and sells for $150.

If you’re unfamiliar with some of the art terms, like Artist’s Proof, giclees, or canvas transfers, then go to my website and click on the “Useful Information” page.
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