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Martin Grelle, "West Texas Cow Hunter"A beautiful day to be out horseback, like this cowboy, whether it’s hunting cows, or just enjoying God’s handiwork. Sometimes, it’s just best to sit still for awhile, stop, and count your blessings.   #lovewesternart   #HappySunday  #CountYourBlessings

“West Texas Cow Hunter” by Martin Grelle is available in several different options, but this one is a signed, open edition giclee canvas, 11″H X 14″W, with a price of $95, plus the frame. Give me a call at 575-649-0636 if you’re interested, or email me at vickie@reatagallery.com.

John Fawcett, "Hits & Misses"Here’s another framed canvas that I’ll have at the booth at the World Championship Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo, November 6-9. “Hits & Misses” by John Fawcett is an Artist Proof, 18″H X 24″W, with a price of $270, plus the frame. This black frame with the rope border really works nicely with this print.   #lovewesternart

Chris Owen, "Ranch Roping"Just picked up another one of these gorgeous framed prints today! This one is earmarked to take to the World Championship Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo in a couple weeks, but it’s available to ship out now if you want it. “Ranch Roping” by Chris Owen is a limited edition print, 26″H X 19″W, with a price of $340 on canvas. This frame is very reasonably priced. If you’re interested, call me at 575-649-0636, or email me at vickie@reatagallery.com.    #lovewesternart

Bill Owen, "No Place for a Gunsel"This is a fantastic example of something that never goes out of style! I’ve been an admirer of “No Place for a Gunsel” ever since I saw it in the Western Horseman way back when, and then eventually, I bought a print. That’s been more than a few years ago, but it’s just as awe-inspiring today, and I know many of you feel the same way.    #lovewesternart     #noplaceforagunsel

Martin Grelle, "An American Icon"Lovin’ this cool frame on “Am American Icon” by Martin Grelle! This is a signed, open edition giclee canvas, 11″H X 14″W, with a price tag of $95, plus the frame. Easy to ship, too. This print is available as signed or open edition, canvas or paper, various sizes, so let me know if you’re interested in other options.  Email me at vickie@reatagallery.com.   #lovewesternart   #loveanamericanicon

John Fawcett, John, "A Good Team"Love it when I get to pick up some newly framed canvases! Here’s “A Good Team” by John Fawcett, an Artist Proof that measures 16″H X 20″W, plus the frame. The canvas transfer is priced at $230, and this beautiful frame is priced very reasonably. Give me a call or email me at vickie@reatagallery.com if you’re interested. This would be easy to ship, too. If you’d like to pick out your own frame, I can send you just the canvas.

IK Boylan, "Picture Perfect" just picked up this custom framing for a customer who is getting a head start on Christmas shopping! It looks fabulous! This is my favorite calf by Karen Boylan, and this framing really works great with it. If any of you start thinking about some Christmas ideas, drop me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com or call me at 575-649-0636, and I’ll be glad to help you find the perfect gift.

Thanks to Jeff Johnson at Galerie Accents Framing in Las Cruces for a beautiful job.

#lovewesternart    #Anguscalves

Jim Norton, "The Trail Home"I thought this one was so fitting for a Sunday, thinking about “The Trail Home” to Him. A peaceful ride in solitude, in this beautiful setting, makes it even more perfect. Can you just image riding alone under that beautiful blue sky and reflecting on everything to be grateful for, and giving Him Thanks.

Terri Kelly Moyers, "Pawnee Bills Wild West"How do you like this “tougher than nails” but very pretty cowgirl, with her favorite bay horse? “Pawnee Bills Wild West” by Terri Kelly Moyers is another print that’s going with me to Abilene next week, for the Western Heritage Classic. This is a limited edition canvas transfer, 24″H X 16″W, with a price of $290, plus the frame. Easy to ship, too, if you can’t make it to Abilene.

Jim Rey, "Taking Five"Taking Five! I’ve always liked this print, and I am really loving it now as a framed canvas transfer, ready to go to the Western Heritage Classic in Abilene next week! Maybe it’s because that big bay that’s standing broadside reminds me of my Reata, except that he never had that much mane.

This is a signed, open edition canvas transfer, and the image size is 10″H X 24.5″W. Come see it next week in Abilene, but I don’t expect it to last long.

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