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Sheri Greves Neilson, "New Foal"OK, so who’s been rushing out to the barn every morning, or in the middle of the night, anxiously awaiting a new foal? Always exciting to see that baby for the first time, isn’t it, and watch them run around momma?

Here’s “New Foal” by Sheri Greves Neilson, a limited edition print that measures 19″H X 8″W, and is only $35. Love this size and shape to fit into those smaller spaces, for just a little accent, and this would sure put a smile on someone’s face.

Wayne Baize, "A Time to Rest"Here’s another beautiful Wayne Baize print for you to enjoy on this Sunday, “A Time to Rest.” Isn’t it so peaceful to just watch mares and babies out on pasture? Good for one’s soul!

This is a limited edition print that measures 20″H X 15″W, and the price is $100.

I hope YOU find some time to rest today, too; enjoy your Sunday.

Wayne Baize, "The New Born"To help celebrate all the new foals hitting the ground this time of year, here is “The New Born” by Cowboy Artist Wayne Baize. Calm, serene . . . . just beautiful, isn’t it? This is one of his older limited edition prints that is sold out. The size is 22″H X 28″W. Give me a call or drop me an email if you’re interested.

The title says it all for me today! Just got home from a trip to Denver where I ran the half marathon, so I am tuckered and ready for a little rest. And then I pack up and head to Scottsdale this week for the Scottsdale Classic Quarter Horse Show at West World. Hope some of you will come visit the booth and say Hi!

This is “Tuckered” by Jim Rey, a signed, open edition print that measures 11″H X 14″W. Price is only $40.

On the road again! Headed to Lubbock, TX for the National Cowboy Symposium that’s taking place Friday and Saturday. The cowboys are sure to be talking about their good home-raised cowhorses, so here is “Range Bred” by my friend, Dino Cornay.

This is a limited edition print that measures 11″H X 14″W and sells for $100. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


This is crazy! The All American Futurity, “The World’s Richest Quarter Horse Race,” is running in Ruidoso today, it’s only two hours away, and I’m not there! I definitely need to put it on my bucket list for next year!

For those of us who are NOT at the race today, please enjoy this wonderful pencil by K.W. Whitley, “Born to Dance, Bred to Run.” I’m not at the gallery today, so I don’t have the dimensions, but I’ll get them soon; I know it’s a smaller print. It’s a limited edition, and the price is only $40.

K.W. Whitley is a Texas artist who also has some nice work at the American Quarter Horse Museum art show.

“Almost Heaven” by Adeline Halvorson; it doesn’t get much better than this, does it? A good mare taking care of her baby, on a peaceful Sunday morning.

This limited edition print measures 10.25″H X 14.75″W and sells for $60. I’ve seen a frame and some mats that really work great with this print; need to put that on my list of “things to get done” for this week. I’ll show it to you when it’s done to see what you think. I know I’ve said it before, but this is a handy size for gifts, or for a little accent about anywhere in the house.


Father’s Day is one month away! It brought to mind this cute pencil from Don Yandell, “My Dad’s Bigger’n Your Dad.”


Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy this beautiful mother and baby by Wayne Baize, titled “Side by Side.” We always know that our mothers will be by our side whenever we need them.


Take a look at “A Lit’l Attention” after it’s been framed. Isn’t it gorgeous?

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