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KW Whitley, "Born to Dance, Bred to Run"Lots of talk about the Belmont tomorrow! How many of you are planning to watch? Do you think California Chrome can do it?

“Born to Dance, Bred to Run” is a limited edition print by K.W. Whitley, 10.5″H X 12.5″W, with a price tag of only $40. Isn’t it great to think about all those plans and dreams when a mare is bred, thinking about what might be? Maybe a Triple Crown winner?

Wayne Baize, "A Time to Rest"“A Time to Rest.” And just when does that time come?? It was a very long drive home from Abilene yesterday, making it in well past my bedtime, but plenty to do today to wrap things up from Western Heritage Classic. And several prints to ship out tomorrow. Hoping for rest on Sunday!

It was great to see so many returning customers at Western Heritage Classic; thank you for your continued business!

This is a limited edition print by Wayne Baize, 20″H X 15″W, with a price tag of $100.

Sheri Greves Neilson, "Young Quarters"Just like Lays potato chips, you can’t stop at just one! So many cute faces, how could you possibly pick a favorite?

This is “Young Quarters” by Sheri Greves Nielson, a limited edition print that measures 24″H X 18″W, with a price tag of $85.

Adeline Halvorson, "Early Light"In the “Early Light” of the day, don’t you just love finding a new baby on the ground? Those of you foaling out mares this spring are so lucky!

“Early Light” by Canadian artist Adeline Halvorson is a limited edition canvas, 10″H X 14″W. With this frame, the outer dimensions are 14.5″H X 19″W, so it’s a nice size to fit in a lot of spaces. I believe this print is sold out, and this is the only one I have left. Send me an email at vickie@reatagallery if you’re interested; this is easy to ship.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone, and I hope some of you get to enjoy watching some new foals run around!

James Crow, "The First Day"Does anyone have any new babies on the ground this morning?

Here’s “The First Day” by well-known equine artist, James L Crow. This is a limited edition print that measures 20″H X 21.5″W. Don’t you love the soft colors, and that little bit of sunlight hitting the baby? If anyone’s interested, send me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com. Hope you have a fantastic day!

Karmel Timmons, "Hopes and Dreams"Awwwwww! It’s about that time of year again, when we get to enjoy all the new, beautiful babies entering the world. All the hopes and dreams attached to one tiny little bundle with spindly legs. This is always one of my favorites by Karmel Timmons; such a gorgeous little baby that you want to just reach out and touch. This is an older limited edition print, 10″H X 12.75″W, with a price of $50.

Ann Hanson, "Standin' Tall"Do any of you have any new babies on the ground yet, or are they due soon?

Here’s “Standin’ Tall” by Ann Hanson; this is a limited edition print, 10.5″H X 9.5″W, with a price tag of $50.

Have a great Sunday, everyone! It looks like it will be another beautiful day here in Las Cruces.

Dino Cornay, "Range Bred"Everyone’s talking about their new babies this time of year! It never gets old admiring a good mare and colt out on pasture, all happy and content, does it? And this isn’t just a mare and colt; can you believe all the detail that Dino Cornay includes in his work? It’s just like looking out the window.

“Range Bred” is a limited edition print that is 11″H X 14″W, with a price tag of $100. It’s available framed or unframed. I like it simply matted with just one mat, with a black core, so that it keeps all the focus on the beautiful detail. What do you think?

Jim Rey, "Playful Mama"With Mother’s Day around the corner, all mothers should be getting a little extra attention, including the mares out in the pasture. Here’s “Playful Mama” by Jim Rey; does anyone have a big yellow mare like this? It’s a very pretty limited edition print, almost square at 13.75″H X 13.25″W. Love the soft colors. It’s available on paper for $50 or canvas transfer for $150. The canvas transfer looks awesome; just framed one up to go to Western Heritage Classic in Abilene next week. Hope you can stop by to see it.

Sheri Greves Neilson, "Black is Beautiful"How many of you have had a special black mare sometime in your life? This is “Black is Beautiful,” a limited edition print by Sheri Greves Neilson. It’s 18″H X 14″W, and the price is only $45. I could just imagine this with a rustic black frame; very pretty!

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