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KW Whitley, "Born to Dance, Bred to Run"Lots of talk about the Belmont tomorrow! How many of you are planning to watch? Do you think California Chrome can do it?

“Born to Dance, Bred to Run” is a limited edition print by K.W. Whitley, 10.5″H X 12.5″W, with a price tag of only $40. Isn’t it great to think about all those plans and dreams when a mare is bred, thinking about what might be? Maybe a Triple Crown winner?

This is crazy! The All American Futurity, “The World’s Richest Quarter Horse Race,” is running in Ruidoso today, it’s only two hours away, and I’m not there! I definitely need to put it on my bucket list for next year!

For those of us who¬†are NOT at the race today, please enjoy this wonderful pencil by K.W. Whitley, “Born to Dance, Bred to Run.” I’m not at the gallery today, so I don’t have the dimensions, but I’ll get them soon; I know it’s a smaller print. It’s a limited edition, and the price is only $40.

K.W. Whitley is a Texas artist who also has some nice work at the American Quarter Horse Museum art show.
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