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RGT Owen, Bill, Born to this LandAnother one of my favorites by Bill Owen! “Born to this Land” is a limited edition print, 16″H X 22″W, and is available on paper or on canvas. I’m always drawn to the artwork that includes one generation spending quality time with the younger generation, teaching so many important lessons that are remembered for years and years. I’d love to hear some of those stories being swapped!

I hope you’re wrapping up a GREAT week, and that you have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

Bill Owen, "Watering Hole at Redlands"Can’t you just feel this moment? If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. The end of a very long, but very successful day. Wet saddle blankets. Cool pond water. Long roll in the dirt. End of a good day.

“Watering Hole at Redlands” by Bill Owen is a limited edition print, 16″H X 24″W.   It’s available on paper or as a canvas transfer.     #‎lovewesternart‬

Bill Owen, "Moving the Remuda"Happy Monday morning, as everyone heads off to work on this pretty day!

“Moving the Remuda” by Bill Owen is a limited edition print that measures 14.5″H X 24.5″W. It’s available on paper or canvas, but I guarantee you’ll love the canvas. Send me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com or call me at 575-649-0636 if you’re interested   .‪#‎lovewesternart‬

Bill Owen, "Soaking Wet"Anybody out riding today would likely be soaking wet, too! Big, wet flakes are comin’ down in Las Cruces at the moment.

“Soaking Wet” by Bill Owen is a gorgeous print; you really need to see it in person to truly appreciate it. It’s a limited edition print that measures 21″H X 16.5″W. If you’re interested, send me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com, or call me at 575-649-0636.  #lovewesternart      #SoakingWet

Bill Owen, "Day Herding"For the Hereford lovers out there, here’s a special print by Bill Owen! “Day Herding” won a Silver award for Bill at the 1981 Cowboy Artists of America Show. The size of this print is 15.75″H X 19.5″W, and there were only 100 prints in this limited edition. If you’re interested, call me at 575-649-0636, or send me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com.    #lovewesternart

Bill Owen, "Orejanos on the Big Sandy"Now this guy, Dave Ericsson, is a top hand, bringing in not one, but two mavericks at the same time! “Orejanos on the Big Sandy” by Bill Owen won an award back in 1982 at the Cowboy Artists of America show. The limited edition prints measure 16″H X 23.5″W.    ‪#‎lovewesternart‬

Bill Owen, "Leadin' in a Maverick"Now, the cowboy who can do THIS must be a pretty darn good cowboy, huh? We didn’t have these mavericks running out where I grew up in South Dakota, so I can’t say for sure what they’re like, but I can imagine. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to tackle one myself. Do any of you have experience doing this?

“Leadin’ in a Maverick” is another Bill Owen piece that landed on the cover of Western Horseman, back in 2002. The limited edition print measures 19″H X 15″W.


Bill Owen, "Honker"For the mule lovers out there! Does this put a smile on your face?

“Honker” by Bill Owen is a limited edition print, 12.5″H X 9.5″W, with a price of $55. Nice size for a gift, and who wouldn’t like a print by Bill Owen?  #lovewesternart

Bill Owen, "No Place for a Gunsel"This is a fantastic example of something that never goes out of style! I’ve been an admirer of “No Place for a Gunsel” ever since I saw it in the Western Horseman way back when, and then eventually, I bought a print. That’s been more than a few years ago, but it’s just as awe-inspiring today, and I know many of you feel the same way.    #lovewesternart     #noplaceforagunsel

Bill Owen, "Catching Horses"Monday morning and back to work! Time to catch the ponies and saddle up. I’ve always loved Bill Owen’s style on his pencils; so authentic and just gorgeous. “Catching Horses” is a limited edition print, 20″H X 14.75″W. Give me a call at 575-649-0636, or email me at vickie@reatagallery.com if you’re interested.

Have a great Monday, everyone! #lovewesternart

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