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Ann Hanson, "Jailbreak"And they’re loose again! Did anyone else have a horse that was handy at opening gates? My Reata could open the latch on a W-W stall in seconds, so it always required a chain. Thankfully, he didn’t get into TOO much trouble when he was on the loose, especially for a 3-year-old stud.

“Jailbreak” by Ann Hanson is a limited edition print, 8″H X 20″W, with a price tag of $125.

Have a great Friday evening, and a fantastic weekend!

Ann Hanson, "Standin' Tall"Do any of you have any new babies on the ground yet, or are they due soon?

Here’s “Standin’ Tall” by Ann Hanson; this is a limited edition print, 10.5″H X 9.5″W, with a price tag of $50.

Have a great Sunday, everyone! It looks like it will be another beautiful day here in Las Cruces.

Ann Hanson, "Barely Squeakin' By"With all the winter storm advisories outside, it’s a good day to stay inside and curl up, isn’t it? This cat’s got the right idea, although it wouldn’t hurt her to earn her keep sometime. Can you count all the mice that are hiding out?

“Barely Squeakin’ By” by Ann Hanson is a limited edition print, 11″H X 16.5″W, with a price of $125.

Ann Hanson, "The Last Straw"Is anyone else having this kind of day? I’m not feeling very productive today, but at least I made it to Abilene, and I’ll get the booth set up for Western Heritage Classic tomorrow. This is a limited edition canvas transfer of “The Last Straw” by Ann Hanson, and it is here in Abilene with me, so stop by and see it if you can.

Ann Hanson, "The Starting Gate"And we’re off!! The weekend is here! Actually, this is how I felt when I finally got out of El Paso traffic this afternoon! It’s too much for me, anyway, but then rush hour on a Friday afternoon? I was soooo ready to head home.

This is “The Starting Gate” by the very talented Ann Hanson; you probably noticed some of her work on a Western Horseman magazine a few months ago. It’s a limited edition, 12″ X 12″, and if my records are right, then I actually have #1/950, plus others. Price is $65.

I hope you have a fantastic Friday evening and a great weekend.

Ann Hanson, "Ace of Spades"So I’m in Vegas this weekend, but this “Ace of Spades” is as close as I’m going to get to a deck of cards! I’m just not much of a gambler, at least not the Vegas type. I’ll leave that to others who enjoy it more. How about you? Do you enjoy staying up all night hitting the blackjack tables?

Did you see Ann Hanson’s work recently on the cover of Western Horseman? This is one of her older pieces from 1996, a limited edition print with a price of only $50. It’s a good looking foal that would make a nice accent piece around the house, or a great gift to someone.

Have a great weekend!

Everyone likes a good barn cat or two around, although some of them are more ornamental than anything else. This one is napping on the job while several mice hide nearby; you’ll have to look really close to find some of them!

“Barely Squeakin’ By,” by Ann Hanson, is a limited edition print that measures 11″H X 16.5″W, and it sells for $125.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend, and finding a little nap time, too!


I posted this print earlier, but here it is framed up, sold, and delivered. Another one of the prints is going with me to Abilene this week.


Are you having one of THOSE kind of Mondays? A good dog can always manage to put a smile on your face, though. ¬†Enjoy Ann Hanson’s “The Last Straw.”




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