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Adeline Halvorson, "A Long History"If you love Belgian workhorses, you’d be hard pressed to find any better than those painted by Adeline Halvorson. “A Long History” is a limited edition print, 15.5″H X 27.5″W, with a price of $195.    ‪#‎lovewesternart‬   ‪#‎Belgians‬

Adeline Halvorson, "Early Light"In the “Early Light” of the day, don’t you just love finding a new baby on the ground? Those of you foaling out mares this spring are so lucky!

“Early Light” by Canadian artist Adeline Halvorson is a limited edition canvas, 10″H X 14″W. With this frame, the outer dimensions are 14.5″H X 19″W, so it’s a nice size to fit in a lot of spaces. I believe this print is sold out, and this is the only one I have left. Send me an email at vickie@reatagallery if you’re interested; this is easy to ship.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone, and I hope some of you get to enjoy watching some new foals run around!

Adeline Halvorson, "Special Connection"Do any of you have horses like this, who are inseparable, and who share a “Special Connection?”

“Special Connection” by Adeline Halvorson is a limited edition print, 13″H X 18″W, with a price tag of $125.

Adeline Halvorson, "Precious"I’m on my way home from a whirlwind, last-minute trip to Calgary! I should have a few cool pics to post soon. Can anyone name a really great western artist who lives in Calgary? I’m sure there are several, but I know one in particular who does awesome equine paintings – Adeline Halvorson!  A resident of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, she’s done some beautiful horses, especially her draft horses, and has also done calves, and some really cute pups. This limited edition print, “Precious”, is 13.5″H X 19.75″W, with a price of $135. Several years back, I used to own a reining mare named Precious, but I changed it to Georgia; suited the mare better, I thought, and sure suited me better, too!

Adeline Halvorson, "At Ease"I hope you have a chance to be “At Ease” for the long Labor Day weekend! Any big plans? I’m starting to pack up for the trip to Lubbock next week for the National Cowboy Symposium, and I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there.

I’m not a draft horse person myself, but you gotta love these big, hard-working Percherons by Adeline Halvorson. Beautiful, aren’t they? This is a limited edition print, 13″H X 18.75″W, with a price of $115. Drop me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com if you’re interested.

Adeline Halvorson, "Innocence"Is there anything much cuter than some baby calves, just getting ready to run and buck and play in the sun? Makes you smile just thinking about it, doesn’t it? How many times have you leaned against a fence, or the pickup, and just watched the new babies exploring their new world, enjoying their innocence?

Enjoy “Innocence” by Adeline Halvorson, a limited edition print that is 10″H X 14.5″W, with a price of $60.

Adeline Halvorson, "At Ease"One quick turn out of the parking lot, ease onto the interstate, and sail on home! Easy peasy (my latest catch phrase, don’t ask me why!) drive back to Las Cruces today, after loading up the booth this morning. More unloading first thing tomorrow morning, but for now, this workhorse is going to take it easy for an hour or two on this Sunday evening.

This is “At Ease” by Canadian artist Adeline Halvorson. She sure knows how to paint draft horses, doesn’t she?

Adeline Halvorson, "Simple Pleasures"Ahhhhh, the simple pleasures in life. Like having a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoying the peace and quiet. Or having a good dog beside you, just hangin’ out and keeping you company. What’s one of YOUR simple pleasures in life?

“Simple Pleasures” by Adeline Halvorson is a limited edition print that measures 10.25″H X 19″W, and the price is $95. I’ve got one that is #5 in the edition, if you like low numbers.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!

Adeline Halvorson, "First Love"In honor of Valentine’s Day this week, here is “First Love” by Adeline Halvorson. This is a limited edition print that is 12.5″H X 18.5″W, with a price of $95. How many of you are married to your first love? How long have you been together? I’d love to hear!

Adeline Halvorson, "Leaps and Bounds"Leaping and bounding into the weekend! Oh, the fun of watching new foals play around! How great is it to just stand back and watch them go! Here’s “Leaps and Bounds” by Adeline Halvorson. It’s a limited edition print that measures 8.25″H X 12.75″W, with a price of $60. Great size to fit in lots of little places around the home or office.

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