What is a limited edition?

A limited edition means that the artist has placed a limit on the number of reproductions. The artist signs and numbers each one. If the edition is limited to 500, the number may read 125/500, which means that this reproduction is #125, out of an edition of 500.

What is an open edition?

An open edition means that there is no limit to the number of reproductions. They may or may not be signed by the artist.

What is an Artist’s Proof?

In a limited edition, there is commonly an additional 10% which are printed as Artist’s Proofs; these originated as a way for the artist to “proof” the reproduction for color accuracy and quality. For example, if there were a limited edition of 500, there would be 50 Artist’s Proofs, and they would be numbered differently than the regular edition; a number of 25/50 would mean that that Artist’s Proof was #25 out of an edition of 50. There is an AP designation on the reproduction noting it as an Artist’s Proof. Artist’s Proofs are considered to be more valuable, because there are fewer in the edition, and that is why they are typically priced higher.

What is a lithograph?

Lithographs are color reproductions of original oil, watercolor, or pastel paintings; they are printed on paper, and should be framed under glass.

What is a duotone?

Duotones are reproductions of original drawings; they are also printed on paper, and should be framed under glass.

What is a canvas transfer?

The canvas transfer process involves “lifting” the image from a paper lithograph and transferring it onto canvas. It is coated with a UV inhibitor which provides for color stability. It should be framed as an original, without glass.

What is a giclee?

Giclee, pronounced jee-clay, is a French word that means “to spray.” Giclee print machines spray microscopic droplets of ink, which allow for very precise and detailed image reproduction. This process is the best reproduction technique available today, the closest thing to the appearance of the original, and therefore priced higher than other reproduction techniques. Giclees may be printed on paper or canvas.

What is a gallery wrap?

On a gallery wrap, the edges of the image are “wrapped” around the stretcher bars, so that the image can be seen on the sides. This allows you to hang the canvas without a frame, just as it is.

What is a museum wrap?

Similar to a gallery wrap, but the edges are a solid color, rather than the image itself. Also, you can hang the canvas without a frame, just as it is.

What is a remarque?

A Remarque is a small sketch in the margin of a print, done by the artist.