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Tim Cox, "Running with the Mares"Isn’t this gorgeous? I always liked checking the mares out on pasture, seeing them rush up over the ridge, in the morning sunlight. Hard to beat the view!

“Running with the Mares” by Tim Cox is a limited edition print, 16″H X 24″W, and is sold out, but I’ve got a couple left, so if you’re interested, send me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com.

Have a GREAT Friday, everyone!

Tim Cox, "Evening Glow"Most of you already know that I’m a morning person. I think it’s the best time of the day, about 5 am, although I’m sure some of you would be horrified to think that! But then again, it’s hard to argue with this time of the evening, when the wind calms down, and it’s so peaceful out. You can start to unwind from the day and enjoy the evening glow.

“Evening Glow” by Tim Cox is a limited edition print, 16″H X 24″W, with a price of $150.

Enjoy your evening, everyone!

Tim Cox, "More than just a Horse"This says an awful lot about partnerships, doesn’t it? And it doesn’t hurt that there’s a dog near by, too. How many of you can relate to this?

“More than Just a Horse” by Tim Cox is a limited edition print, 17.5″H X 22″W, with a price tag of $125.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

Tim Cox, "A Well Earned Drink"I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and taking some time off to be with your friends and family. Here’s the very popular print, “A Well Earned Drink,” by Tim Cox. Can’t you just reach out and touch that cool, refreshing water? This is now available in an oversized giclee canvas, limited edition, 20″H X 28″W, for $595. The Artist Proof is available for $695. The original limited edition is sold out, but I have one of the prints on paper available; the image size of that one is 15.75″H X 22.25″W. Send me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com if you’re interested. You can also call me at 575-649-0636.

Tim Cox, "Face to Face"Wishing this was me! I haven’t been on a good cutting horse for a long time, but it’s always fun when they get down low and “Face to Face.” This cutting horse print by Tim Cox is an open edition print that measures 15.5″H X 22.5″W. Think someone would like to win one of these sometime?? Hmmmmmm. Stay tuned.

Tim Cox, "Tall Timber Tango"New Year’s Eve is almost here! Does anyone have plans to go dancing? Tango, perhaps? Well, maybe there aren’t too many tango dancers out there, but this kind of “Tall Timber Tango” is a blast.

This limited edition print by Tim Cox measures 18.5″H X 24″W, and is sold out by the publisher, but I’ve got a couple left.   If you’re interested, give me a call or send me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com.

Tim Cox, "Leaves of Gold"Beautiful leaves of gold! Even our tiny little trees here in Las Cruces are gorgeous in their fall color. Probably because I’ve lived most of my life in areas where trees are NOT very common, I love the sight of a big pretty tree! It also means I’ve had very little experience at cleaning up fallen leaves! The wind usually took care of that for me.

“Leaves of Gold” by Tim Cox is a limited edition print on paper, 16″H X 24″W; the artist is sold out on these signed and numbered prints, but I’ve got a few available.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Tim Cox, "Night Breezes"It’s that perfect time in the evening – horses unsaddled and fed, supper waiting at the chuckwagon, and the cool night breezes make you grab for a jacket as you finally sit down. Have you seen the latest print from Tim Cox? “Night Breezes” is a limited edition print, 16″H X 24″W, with a price of $125. I’ll have some with me at the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium in Ruidoso this Friday through Sunday, if you’d like to see it in person.

Tim Cox, "Off the Mountain in October"I can’t believe it’s the first of October already! Really??

Here’s “Off the Mountain in October” by Tim Cox, a limited edition print that is gorgeous in its fall colors. The image size is 18″H X 24″W. The prints on paper appear to be sold out, but I’ve got a couple available; give me a call at 575-649-0636 or drop me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com if you’re interested.

Tim Cox, "Quiet Time"Happy Labor Day, everyone! I hope you are enjoying your long weekend and some quiet time with family and friends.

“Quiet Time” by Tim Cox is a limited edition print, 15.5″H X 25″W, with a price tag of $150. I’ve always enjoyed this print; the gorgeous, rich colors in the sky are something else, and who doesn’t enjoy watching mares and babies out on pasture?

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