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IK Boylan, "Picture Perfect" just picked up this custom framing for a customer who is getting a head start on Christmas shopping! It looks fabulous! This is my favorite calf by Karen Boylan, and this framing really works great with it. If any of you start thinking about some Christmas ideas, drop me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com or call me at 575-649-0636, and I’ll be glad to help you find the perfect gift.

Thanks to Jeff Johnson at Galerie Accents Framing in Las Cruces for a beautiful job.

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K Boylan, "Cautious Crossing"How would this look on the wall of your living room, or maybe your office? “Cautious Crossing” is a limited edition giclee canvas by Montana artist, Karen Boylan. The image size is 18″H X 24″W, and the price of the canvas itself is $350. I thought this frame worked really well with this piece; neutral but dressy, with some shape, and just the right width.  Send me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com if you’re interested. This could be packaged up and shipped very easily.

K Boylan, "Sun Bathing"I just walked outside for a few minutes, now that the sun is up, and it’s a beautiful morning for “Sun Bathing” like this little guy! A little cool outside, still, but it’s going to warm up to 60 today. This is another cute little Angus by Montana artist Karen Boylan. “Sun Bathing” is a limited edition giclee canvas, 12″H X 9″W, with a price tag of $125. I’ll have a couple of these framed up at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association convention coming up in Nashville in early February.

K Boylan, "Angus Calf 167"Next month – Nashville, Tennessee, for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Annual Convention. So I’m getting my cattle artwork put together, and Karen Boylan’s Angus calves are always popular. Here’s “Angus Calf 167”, obviously, a limited edition giclee canvas that is 8″H X 10″W, with a price of $95. I’ll have some more of these framed and ready soon.

Karen Boylan, "Cautious Crossing"After some of the big rains around the country recently, a “Cautious Crossing” is a good idea! And this “Cautious Crossing” by Karen Boylan is an even better idea; isn’t it beautiful? It brings back memories of a buckskin colt that I used to have many years ago.

This is a limited edition giclee canvas, with an image size of 18″H X 24″W. The price of the canvas itself is $350, and with this frame, the total price is $450. This would be easy and relatively inexpensive to ship, due to its light weight.

K Boylan, "Two Peas in a Pod"These cute Angus calves are always a crowd favorite! Can’t you just see them running off, bucking and kicking?

“Two Peas in a Pod” by Montana artist Karen Boylan is a limited edition giclee canvas, 16″ X 20″, with a price of $240. This is a very affordable framing option that works great with this canvas.

For all you palomino lovers out there, this one’s for you!  This is “Palomino” by Karen Boylan, a beautiful giclee canvas, framed and ready to go! Gorgeous!! I thought this frame really complemented the artwork nicely; what do you think?

The limited edition giclee canvas measures 12″H X 16″W and the price is $170. With this frame, the total is $260. This will be going with me to the NRHA Futurity in Oklahoma City next month, unless someone wants to buy it before then.

I think everyone who stops by the Reata Gallery booth at the trade shows comments on the beautiful calves by Montana artist Karen Boylan!  If you like those, you’ll also love “Palomino.”  It is a limited edition giclee print on canvas, 12″ X 16″, and the price is $170.  Gorgeous!

And here’s the other calf that goes well with “Looking Sassy.”  The canvas measures 8″ X 10″.

I have loved these little calves from the first time that I saw them! I think they are great by themselves, but better as a pair.  These are giclees on canvas.  To learn more about the different technologies, check out the “Useful Information” page on my website.


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