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Chris Owen, "Rough Country"I sure saw some rough country in the Black Hills of South Dakota yesterday, so I thought you might enjoy seeing “Rough Country” by Chris Owen. This has always been one of my favorites of his work. You really want to be mounted right when you’re in this kind of country, don’t you? Have any of you had some bad experiences?

This is a limited edition giclee print on paper that measures 30″H X 20″W, with a price tag of $195. It’s also available on canvas for $395. If you’re looking for a larger canvas, it’s also available as 36″H X 24″W or 45″H X 30″W.

Chris Owen, "Keeping the Grit"For your Friday morning enjoyment, here’s “Keeping the Grit” by Chris Owen. That little four-letter word, Grit, sure says a lot about a person, doesn’t it? One definition for grit is shown as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.” It takes more than just ability to be successful in anything, it takes that passion and that drive to keep pushing no matter how hard it gets and how long it takes. Pretty darn good quality in my book.

“Keeping the Grit” is a gorgeous limited edition print, 18″H X 25″W, with a retail price of $165 on paper or $270 on canvas. Give me a call at 575-649-0636 or send me an email at vickie@reatagallery if you’re interested.

Have a GREAT Friday, everyone!

Chris Owen, "Almost Home"For all those fans of Chris Owen’s artwork AND Herefords, here you go! “Almost Home” is a gorgeous limited edition print that would be great for Hereford breeders and admirers. The print is 20″H X 30″W, and sells for $195; it’s also available on canvas.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and stay cool!

Chris Owen, "Day's End"Is it day’s end yet? Close? I’m busy getting ready for 3 upcoming events, including Western Heritage Classic next week in Abilene, so I’ve got a little more work to do tonight. Who else is going to the Western Heritage Classic next week?

Enjoy “Day’s End” by Montana artist Chris Owen. The limited edition print on paper is beautiful, but I’m really loving it on canvas; how about you? This print is 21″H X 28″W; the print on paper is priced at $175, and the canvas is at $365.

Have a great evening!

Chris Owen, "Early Morning"It’s only 5:14 am and I already feel like I’m running late today! Early morning is definitely my favorite part of the day, although I don’t suppose everyone will agree! But do you love THIS “Early Morning” by Chris Owen? Love those stout gray horses that look like they can handle a hard day’s work. This limited edition print is 21″H X 28″W and is available on paper or canvas. It’s also available supersized at 30″H X 40″W. Call me for more details, or send me an email at vickie@reatagallery.com.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

Chris Owen, "Day's End"Well, it’s ALMOST the end of the day, and end of the week, so here is “Day’s End” by Chris Owen. What a crazy, busy week! I wish I were headed to the barn myself.

The image size of this beautiful print is 21″H X 28″W. I have limited edition lithograph prints available for $175, and giclee canvases are also available, for $365. One of the canvases safely made it to France this week, along with others, to my new customer and friend, Patrick. Thank you, Patrick, for your business, and for the wonderful correspondence back and forth as I learned the ins and outs of international shipments! I’m so happy that you will be able to enjoy seeing the talents of our western artists within your own home now!

Chris Owen, "Shades of Autumn"OK, I HAVE had enough coffee this morning to realize that it’s not autumn, BUT I still wanted to show you “Shades of Autumn” by Montana artist Chris Owen. One of the reasons that I really like this piece is its shape; it’s tall and narrow, 30″H X 15″W, and sometimes that’s just what you’re looking for to fit a certain space. As I’m making plans for the year, I think I’ll get one of these framed up so we can see what it looks like hanging in the booth. The lithograph prints are available for $165, although they are getting low in inventory.

What do you think of “Lots of Leather” by Chris Owen? Gorgeous, isn’t it? Love the low-headed black horse. This limited edition lithograph print measures 22.5″H X 34″W, and is sold out by the artist, but I have a few left in my inventory. Give me a call or drop me a message if you’re interested in a special Christmas present.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

Just made it home from a fun (working) trip to Scottsdale! Now it’s time to take stock and get ready for another trip, so I thought you might appreciate “Taking Stock,” another beautiful watercolor by Chris Owen. This limited edition print  is 24″H X 22″W, and sells for $165. I love the face on this horse; nice job, Chris! Can’t wait to see how this will look matted and framed; I think it will look great hanging on someone’s wall!

After a hard day wrestlin’ with some young colts, maybe doing a little halter breaking this time of year, looks like this handsome cowboy is ready for a little “Restin'”. What do you think about this beautiful limited edition giclee print by Montana artist, Chris Owen? It measures 18″H X 24″W and sells for $125.

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