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Chris Owen, "Friendship"Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone has a great day today and a very blessed New Year in 2015. As we take some time today to reflect on the year, I’m sure everyone thinks about their friends, and about how that friendship has gotten them through tough times, and how it’s helped to celebrate the great times. Through Reata Gallery, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to make so many new friends, whether it’s at a trade show, or simply over the phone, Facebook, or email, and I can’t tell you how many times you’ve put a smile on my face, and for that, I thank you! The stories we’ve shared have a special place in my heart.   #HappyNewYear   #lovewesternart    #Friendship

“Friendship” by Chris Owen is available as a limited edition print, 16″H X 20″W, on paper or canvas, priced from $125 to $200.  Call me at 575-649-0636 or email me at vickie@reatagallery.com for more details.

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