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This is “Morning’s Light,” a beautiful giclee print on paper by Montana artist, Chris Owen. This was very popular artwork at the Western Heritage Classic; something about that good-looking cowboy just kept drawing people in! Or at least the women! The image size is 29″H X 18″W, and it retails for $195.

It’s not quite morning’s light here, but will be soon. I hope everyone has a good Tuesday.


I noticed in the Western Art Collector magazine that the original of this artwork by Ray Swanson recently sold at auction for $108,000. I have open edition prints available for $40, if anyone is interested.

Certainly is dry country! I don’t know how in the world the artist manages to paint the dust coming up behind the cattle.


I expect that all of the kids are officially done with the school year now! Hope everyone has a fun summer. I have lots of great summertime memories from my childhood. One that pops up now is a trip with my Dad, driving six hours, one way, in a semi, hauling cattle to the Sioux City Stockyards. I was probably all of 85 lbs then, if that, and was bouncing all over the seat on that rough ride! And forget about air conditioning. But it was a great time just hanging out with my Dad. So what are some of your best memories?

You’ve seen this print before, but here it is with frame and mats. I never get tired of seeing “Above and Beyond,” by Chuck DeHaan.


Good morning! Here’s a great pencil from Leroy Featherston, “From One Cowboy to Another.” This is another one that reminds me of Father’s Day that is coming up next month.  Can’t you just imagine all the things that the father might be saying to his little boy? And how much the little boy loves learning how to do things that his father taught him?


How can this NOT put a smile on your face??   Enjoy “Ride at Your Own Risk,” by Wayne Baize; this is a giclee on canvas, and the dimensions are 16″ X 20.” Have a great week, everyone!


It’s almost that time of day! I hope that you are “Enjoying A Cool One,” and that you have a fantastic weekend! Isn’t it great just to sit back and enjoy the quiet tranquility of this scene, and relax after a busy week? Thanks, Bill Owen!


Father’s Day is one month away! It brought to mind this cute pencil from Don Yandell, “My Dad’s Bigger’n Your Dad.”


Any team ropers out there? Here’s “Fast Time” By Roger Archibald, a limited edition print that frames up really nice all by itself. This would be a great prize at a team roping event, or a special present for someone who goes above and beyond to help make that event a success!

This could also be matted (dark maroon looks great with this pencil) and a name plate could be added with the event name or other details.


Made it home from the Western Heritage Classic in Abilene! It was a good show, and it’s always fun to meet more people who enjoy western art. I had a great conversation with a gentleman who has a collection of over 50 pieces of Chuck DeHaan’s work, including this one, “O That Strawberry Roan.” Don’t you love it? I only have one of these available, so give me a call if you’re interested.


Here’s a Bruce Greene print with a mother spending some time with her son. Looks like he’s making that laundry chore a little more bearable, and no doubt creating some special moments for the both of them.


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